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Career Leadership is about creating perpetual fulfilment. Whichever phase you’re in, let us help you get your CV ready, find new opportunities, or provide guidance with a wealth of useful career tools and resources.

Sign up for a career planning session or find a job mentor

Need career guidance?

Sign up for a session

We can help you determine your starting point for career development, confirm your wants and needs, or help you discover strengths and weaknesses.

Find a mentor

Connect with supportive alumni mentors for career and leadership guidance within the industry you’re in, or want to be in.

Craft the ultimate CV and get ready for interviews

Get empowered to succeed

Craft the ultimate CV

Receive virtual, 24/7 assistance in crafting a professional and impactful CV/resume, including feedback on the structure, content and unique insights such as time-to-read and employability skills.

Get ready for interviews

Access training tools at any time to ace pre-recorded and live digital interviews.

Find your new job or attend an industry event to connect with likeminded individuals

Connect with industry

Find your new job

Discover available positions with job listings from leading local and international employers and recruiters.

Attend an event

From insightful workshops to industry talks and networking opportunities, join one of many events throughout the year to sharpen your Career Leadership skills or engage directly with our network of global talent recruiters.

Access Career Leadership learning resources and more

Get equipped for the future

Access Career Leadership learning resources

Discover a wealth of self-paced and quick learning journeys to further your career development plans.


How is my career development process managed?

Our Career Leadership Model structures your development process as you engage the resources on offer, helping you discover your passion and your next move. Personal and leadership development is a cornerstone of the academic offering at Stellenbosch Business School, and the career service aims to complement this offering by being available when you need it.

How can I expect to interact with potential employers?

You can expect to engage with employers on the portal, in person and virtually at recruitment events and career fairs, where you can learn more about the company; the industry/sectors they operate in; opportunities that exist and could be pursued, skills and qualifications required. These events are just some of the opportunities you’ll have for building your network.

Do you offer CV and Interview guidance?

The portal gives you access to virtual, 24/7 assistance in crafting a professional and impactful CV.

Will I be exposed to new business and entrepreneurial opportunities?

Our student and alumni community create conducive environments for building your network and generating new opportunities. These opportunities can be accessed during block weeks, through attending networking events, and making connections with the help of our platforms.

Do you have a mentorship programme?

Yes! We are proud to have 800+ mentors registered, ready to provide you with career and leadership guidance within the industry you’re in, or want to be in.

Do you offer job placement?

Job guarantees and placement services are not offered as part of our career service. As a potential candidate, you’ll get exposure to our employer network by making your career profile open for recruitment across our local and international platforms, and proactively making connections to build your network at the opportunities provided.